Valley Blowers Ltd. is a BC Incorporated company that is in the business of offering blow-in landscape services to the Okanagan Valley. We specialize in the use of blower equipment to deliver and install bark mulch, soil and other materials almost anywhere, quickly and cost-effectively. Our service is all-inclusive. We estimate the quantity of product, deliver and professionally install it. You don’t need to clean up, rake, or be on site during installation. Located in Kelowna and serving landscapers, homeowners, new construction and Property managers from Vernon to Penticton. Allow us to reduce your overhead, from material delivery to co-ordinating man power, we offer worry free service so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

With our material blower we’re able to work around obstacles such as hard to reach landscape areas or just simply minimize inconvenience and disruption to clients or strata occupants. We treat all jobs with the same level of professionalism big or small. Valley Blowers services are perfect for mid size material projects such as residential and commercial landscape bed maintenance, indoor courtyard gardens, rooftop garden applications (up to 3 stories) and other applications that require placement of bulk materials. Allowing us to apply materials to virtually any application, even in wet conditions, can reduce costs on labour and material.