Valley Blowers Ltd. strives to be a key factor for installation of landscape materials in the Okanagan Valley. By method of blow-in equipment, our machine, equipped with 200’ of hose, allows soils, mulches, aggregates and gravel to be applied easily and stress free to any terrain or landscape. Our goal is to allow homeowners to take back their busy weekends and let reliable contractors free up that precious time, allowing them to focus on other projects, tight schedules and demands that valuable time could otherwise be used for.

Valley Blowers offers all inclusive services for any job big or small. Service and customer satisfaction is our main priority.


From top dressing your lawn, new construction landscapes, adding new life to existing landscapes or planting large trees on your property. Large holes for potting trees can become an easy task and save you labor, time and money. We offer a wide variety of soils for different applications and needs.


There are many uses for Bark Mulches. Mulch controls weeds without chemicals, conserve water, moderate soil temperature and insulate plants throughout the winter months. Mulches keep beds looking great and weed free as well as highlights plants.

Playground Material

Playground material should be replenished yearly for safety reasons. Quick applications for existing residential or municipal sites can be done in hours. New playground surfaces require a minimum of 12” to meet code and average 3 to 5” for re application.


If replenishing soils and mulches every year isn’t for you, choose an aggregate that fits your style and landscape. We can accommodate aggregates up to 3/4” with our equipment to tackle any landscape.


We can accommodate gravel up to 3/4” with our equipment. Jobs such as back filling with crush for new construction, retaining walls or applying new gravel to driveways or landscapes can now be installed easily instead of hours of manual labor.